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What the heck is Hypoxi?

One of my friends asked me, “Have you tried Hypoxi?” I responded, “Do you mix that with Vodka?” She laughed and said, “For someone who is all about fitness, I am shocked you don’t know about it!” and proceeded to tell me about it and how much she liked it. I decided to give it a try!

I arrived at 3:30pm on a Monday for my first session. I was greeted by Shema at the front desk who seemed very warm and engaging. She took me into a small room to meet the owner, Caroline. Caroline, who reminded me of a petite Kim Kardashian (Well, without the Botox) was very pleasant. Caroline gave me a tour of the facility and a very detailed explanation of how Hypoxi works. Afterwards, she took my measurements and we got started!



The first step was getting into the Vacunaut PressureSuit. As you can see, it looks like we are preparing to go into the Matrix but that isn’t the case. The suit has these suction cups inside of it that massage your body and increase blood circulation for 20 minutes. Better circulation = more fat burning once we get to step 2: the cardio. This technique also helps with cellulite and toning the skin and texture! The suit may look intimidating but don’t worry, YOU don’t have to hook anything up yourself. They trainers at Hypoxi do it for you and the sessions are quite relaxing.



Then we were on to Part Two…The L 250 or what I like to call “The Big Egg Thing”! They placed this weird looking skirt on me that attaches to the machine so that pressure in on my belly while cycling. I petaled for exactly 30 minutes while keeping track of my heart rate. The gravity helps get rid of the toxins and fatty acids.



Overall, I liked Hypoxi. In just two weeks , I had lost inches. I lost a total of 4.22 inches from the lower half of my body , with most inch loss in the hips, butt (Not sure if I can afford to lose any inches there!) and thighs!

Their goal is to have clients drop a pant size in 4 weeks . I was at midpoint and if we continued we could safely say you would have lost at least 2 inches from your hips and thighs individually.

This may be a great option for those who don’t like going to a gym or strenuous workouts. But don’t think for a second that this is a quick fix either! Just like any workout program you are still responsible for paying close attention to your eating habits. As a matter of fact, if you don’t, Hypoxi will not give you the results you need. YOU STILL NEED DISCIPLINE!

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