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For the first “Late Night Hype” interview of the year, I’d have to say that Carl Payne II was a great way to kick things off. If this is any indication of the types of conversations I have to look forward to for 2015…BRING IT ON! Payne let me in on:

  • his new reality show
  • his Actor’s workshop that he’s bringing to Houston, Texas for MLK Weekend
  • behind the scenes memories about the “Martin” sitcom, and
  • his experience with Bill Cosby (since he DID play Theo’s best friend on The Cosby Show)


Carl is one of the easiest people to talk to and judging from his body language (when I asked him questions about “Martin”)…it seemed as though he feels very comfortable talking about that subject! He leaned in as soon as I brought it up!

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Martin first aired 23 years ago, so you would think that after all of this time…an actor from the show would get bored talking about it, BUT NOT COLE! I mean…Carl. Lol

*CARL* took us on a trip back down memory lane as if new episodes were airing as we spoke! Listen to our conversation here:

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