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I’m tired. I’m so so tired of turning on the television & seeing people get man handled or killed with no consequence. Especially by the police. “Protecting & Serving” has become “Killing & Keeping It Moving”… Last week after the non indictment of a police officer for killing Michael Brown, racial tensions were at an all time high in our country.

After the so called “evidence” was made public, we had to accept the ruling. In all honesty, there was no video. So if the officer said the young man punched him & tried to take his gun, we just had to take his word for it. This more recent case in the death of Eric Garner was the total opposite. He wasn’t armed, wasn’t committing any crime, and the crime they accused him of, wasn’t a major one. And the saddest part, it was all caught on video. You can hear him saying “I Can’t Breathe”. If you hadn’t seen the full video, look here!

Where do we draw the line America??? Where do we stand up and say lives matter??? Looking on TV now I see peaceful protest. It’s great to see us sticking together as a country. This treatment is unacceptable in ANY race or culture. It just seems to be happening to my race, more than other races…



And check out J Cole getting his “activist” on… Much respect…



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