TMZ caught up with actor and comedian Tom Arnold the other night and asking him what about Trump and Tom’s response was, “Trump’s an idiot.” Tom started giving his two cents about what Trump is really mad at the NFL for and it’s not players protesting during the anthem. “He’s mad because they wouldn’t give […]

Ray Lewis explains that he wasn’t protesting during last Sunday’s game. He said that he didn’t take a knee, but he took two knees because he was praying. Check out Ray Lewis statement from  “Inside The NFL” below!

This weekend the NFL joined as one in the decision to unite with one another and #TakeTheKnee, in taking a stand against the racial discrimation in the world today. They’re not the only league taking a knee… Over the weekend, the MLB team, the Athletics had one player join in with unity. The player Bruce Maxwell […]

The gospel singer and pastor wants us to pray instead, but why can't we do both?


The ladies were protesting outside of Trump Tower on Tuesday evening.


Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz published an open letter this weekend that revealed his company plans to hire 10,000 refugees over the next five years.

Trump’s order to Ban Muslims from entering the country has raised a lot of criticism among a large variety of people around. Through his spokesman, Kevin Lewis, our former President, Barack Obama released his first statement since his term officially ended on January 20th. The statement  that was released this morning was done by Kevin […]


Sage Steele gets dragged after criticizing the protesters outside of LAX.

The revolution will not be televised, but you will be able to wear it.

A group of Greenpeace protesters raised a banner with the word "RESIST" near the White House after President Donald Trump signed an order continuing Dakota Access pipeline construction.

It's safe to say, no one could fathom the overwhelming turnout for the Women's March in Washington on Saturday (Jan 21).

This may quite possibly be the weirdest video I’ve watched all year. Shia LaBeouf has started a live stream to address frustrations with Donald Trump’s presidency. Here’s the catch. Its a 4 year long stream with the phrase “he will not divide us”. (Which is concurrent to the term a president serves) I guess when […]