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This weekend the NFL joined as one in the decision to unite with one another and #TakeTheKnee, in taking a stand against the racial discrimation in the world today.
They’re not the only league taking a knee… Over the weekend, the MLB team, the Athletics had one player join in with unity. The player Bruce Maxwell took a knee during the anthem in both Satuday and Sunday’s game against the Rangers.

At the moment Maxwell was the only player to exercise his rights in taking a knee this weekend, but the MLB Players Association made a statement today saying that they are backing their players in exercising that right.
The director Tony Clark, a former player, issued a statement that said:
“We will always respect and support all of our players’ constitutional rights and freedom of expression. Unless or until there is a commitment to have a discussion about the issues why wouldn’t those who are impassioned, have a platform and have a voice, off their concerns? The hope inheren in the non-violent protests we are seeing is of a collective coming together to address the divisive and culturally destructive challenges that exist… And that we are now seeing on display at the highest levels.”
It’s a waiting game to see if or when the commissioner Rob Manfred will issue a statement that expresses is thoughts about Maxwell and the other players taking a knee too.

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