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The homies Kiotti and J Mac and J-Que From the Madd Hatta Morning Show, got a chance to attend the Mayweather VS. Maidana 2 in Vegas this weekend.  Check out some of the crazy Instagram skits, places they went to, and celebrities they bumped into along the trip.

Table Of Contents

1. The box boys made it!

2. Pulling up to the MGM Grand and Kiotti The Radio Boss Checks In With J-Que & Mayweather .

3.   J-Que gives His J Mac Vs Mayweather Sr. Fight Commentary

4.   Kiotti Releases  Floyd Mayweather Sr. VS. J Mac Fight

5. Kiotti The Boxer Hunter Spots Oscar “The Golden Boy” De La Hoya.

6. Behind The Scenes With J-Que At The Weigh In!

7. Leo Santa Cruz and his opotonet looking “War Ready” at the Weigh In!

8. Marcos Maidana Makes His Way To The Weigh In.

9. Floyd Mayweather makes his way to the weigh in!!!

10.  The Problem Adrien Broner posing with some young fans.

11.  Mayweather Gets On The Scale For The Weigh In

12. Post Weigh In Floyd Mayweather chills with some of his fans!

1. The box boys made it!


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