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I have a four year old little boy. Can he be hard-headed at times? Absolutely. He’s a handful as most toddlers are. But fortunately for me just the right “don’t test me lil boy” look or putting a little extra bass in my voice is enough to keep him in line.

Well a North Augusta, S.C. woman named Danielle Wolf probably wishes she could have used the same tactics I do. She got arrested at a Kroger after a fellow shopper approached her and accused her of using the F-word in front of her kids.

She says her husband kept squishing the bread in their cart by putting frozen pizzas on top of it, and Wolf was letting her husband know that she was ticked off.

“I’m like, ‘When did I say this to my kids?'” Wolf tells WJBF. “I said that to my husband, that he was smashing the bread.”

We had a conversation about cussing in front of your kids on The Madd Hatta Morning Show and here is what the listeners had to say about it.

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