The Dallas Cowboys newly signed cornerback Nolan Carroll was pulled over early Monday morning and later arrested for driving while Intoxicated. Carroll was arrested in the uptown part of Dallas and later bonded out by Monday afternoon. It’s possible that the CB will be penalized by the NFL for personal conduct policy which could result […]

Travis Scott‘s performance in Rogers, Arkansas over the weekend didn’t end well. According to TMZ, the Houston rapper was arrested after several people were injured at his show on Saturday, including concertgoers, a cop, and a security guard. Police say Travis encouraged fans to rush the stage. He was booked for inciting a riot, endangering […]

Actor and comedian Mike Epps and his friend Thomas Cobb were arrested over the weekend at the Harrah’s Casino in New Orleans after they beat-up a Virginia man for some “unprovoked” reason. The Virginia man said that he doesn’t want to identify himself publicly, but said that he was visiting New Orleans for the NBA […]

The former professional boxer, Oscar De La Hoya was arrested Tuesday night. TMZ is reporting that on Tuesday  in Pasadena, CA, De La Hoya was arrested for DUI- Driving under the influence. There aren’t a lot of details, but the police are saying that De La Hoy, 43, was pulled over for speeding around 2 A.M. and it was there at […]

Desiigner's legal team thinks "they" don't want to see a black man win

The controversy comes at the start of the football season, in which Notre Dame will face the University of Texas at a season opener game on September 4.

Kodak will not be released from jail due to two outstanding warrants that weren't discovered until yesterday.

Apparently, Katt Williams got into another altercation, this time with a woman.

Theophilus London was arrested yesterday, but thanks to a few nice officers at the NYPD, he was able to live tweet through the whole ordeal.

Steph Curry's muscle Draymond Green was arrested for assault on Sunday. Police revealed Green was arrested at an East Lansing, Michigan, restaurant and the victim was a man.

Activist Deray McKesson, one of the most prominent voices in the Black Lives Matter movement, was arrested around 11:15 p.m. late Saturday evening while protesting

According to a report from the NY Daily News, Troy accidentally shot himself in the leg during the chaos and was charged with reckless endangerment and illegal weapons possession earlier today.