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Take a deep breath….ahhhhhhh. Can you smell it? Football is in the air. Which means its time to make some bold predictions about the upcoming NFL season. My easiest one is that the Dallas Cowboys will finish with a better record than the Houston Texans.


I’m glad you asked. The Texans are coming off a highly disappointing 2-14 season. Those 14 losses all coming in a row and it that caused them to clean house of Gary Kubiak and everything that came with him. The Cowboys, for the fourth year in a row, were a game away from making the playoffs.

Now I know I’m going to get a called a “Cowgirl” fan or told to move back to Dallas and some low-lifes will result to calling Tony Romo a gay-slur that rhymes with his last name. To you I say…is that all you’ve got?

Because I’ve got facts. Read ’em and weep Texans fans.

Top 4 Reasons The Cowboys Will Be Better Than The Texans
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