Who won the battle of the jabs between Tony Romo and Deion Sanders on Sunday? Yesterday on CBS, commentator Tony Romo took a jab at Deion Sanders when he was talking about the Kansas Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters ducking out of the way and missing a tackle on Ezekiel Elliott during their game. Romo said, […]

The rumor mill is still churning around who the Texans will select as their starting quarterback and will it be Tony Romo or not. Every sports outlet has Tony Romo in a Texans or Denver Broncos’ jersey already, but he is still under contract with Dallas and they’re not releasing aka cutting him. In fact, […]

There are nine possible teams Tony Romo could end up at and three long shot teams and with a complete breakdown, ESPN is giving us a variety of scenarios that could play out for Romo in 2017. Here’s what’s lies ahead for Romo and is contract: Tony Romo signed a 6 year, $108,000,000 contract with the […]

The latest Dallas Cowboy drama is that the Dallas Cowboys have once again lost their veteran quarterback Tony Romo for 6-8 weeks with a back injury. In an unfortunately injury, Tony Romo was injured during the first quarter of the preseason Thursday night football game against the Seattle Seahawks. There were two people involved in that play, […]

Last season the Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo went out with a hairline fracture to his collarbone that ended his 2015 season by November and he’s coming back for the 2016 to play again. Over the years, we’ve all seen the Romo memes and we know that they’re are a lot and they’re good at […]

As a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan I’ve got to admit Houston Texans fans have a passion for their team that is to be envied. It’s borderline embarrassing that they came and took over Dallas and AT&T Stadium. Tony Romo said it was like playing a road game. I’m happy that Dem Boyz were able to […]

There seems to be a lot of trash talk going on this week between Texan and Cowboys fans. I understand that they want their team to win, but this is reaching extreme levels. Levels that are normally reserved for fierce rivalries with a long tradition. This is not that game. The Texans and Cowboys have […]

It’s a state, cities, relationships and homes divided. It’s time for the Houston Texans to travel 45N and take on the Dallas Cowboys Sunday October 5th in Arlington. I can’t wait. Both teams are 3-1 after my ‘Boys hulled out the Saints and the Texans rolled over the Bills. I’ve made some stupid bets behind […]

Take a deep breath….ahhhhhhh. Can you smell it? Football is in the air. Which means its time to make some bold predictions about the upcoming NFL season. My easiest one is that the Dallas Cowboys will finish with a better record than the Houston Texans. Why? I’m glad you asked. The Texans are coming off […]

I was hanging around the studio and ran into G-Man and The Chile when they asked me if I was ready for football season. I told them I’v been ready since February when the Super Bowl ended. That’s when Chile said we need to bring back our famous Cowboys vs. Texans bets. For those of […]

After throwing costly interceptions that caused both of their respective teams to lose maybe it’s time for Texan QB Matt Schaub and Cowboy’s QB Tony Romo to resurrect their careers in new cities. This was the ridiculous question posed to me by my knucklehead cousin. Off top he has no room to talk about my […]

The Houston Texans have the best record in the NFL at 11-2 and have already locked up a spot in the playoffs for the 2nd time in franchise history. With Matt Schaub at the helm the Texans are also the 3rd highest scoring team in the NFL. But it seems people still have questions if […]