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Divisional Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v Green Bay Packers

Source: Mike McGinnis / Getty

Last season the Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo went out with a hairline fracture to his collarbone that ended his 2015 season by November and he’s coming back for the 2016 to play again.
Over the years, we’ve all seen the Romo memes and we know that they’re are a lot and they’re good at capturing him in any unflattering or funny look and just inserting whatever silly caption they can think of.

We’ll we’re here once again because the internet has caught up with Romo, while he was exercising in California at Training Camp.
Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News captured a picture that showed Romo looking a little fluffy. Jon said, he blames, “blaming “poor camera work” and a deceptive angle.”
It doesn’t matter because the picture is already out and the memes are too. Here are a few captions of pictures that are floating around already…
This meme shows Romo jogging away from McDonald’s saying”

Tony Romo better at finishing his 4th quarter pounder than 4th quarters.

Another shows Peter Griffin in a Cowboy’s jersey with a caption:

“And here comes Tony Romo, taking the field at …” 

Another meme is making fun Romo’s DirectTV commercial where he was arts and crafty Romo for having cable. He’s his new meme about it: 

I’m old, fat Tony Romo, and I have cable

And I’m young, fit Tony Romo, and I have DirecTv

We knew that he would have these silly memes this season like he has every season, but it’s just starting early this year.
The fans who usually have issues with the memes, they can relax, he’s not fluffy….  “I just had lunch wit him last Tuesday. Tony looks fine,” Cowboys legend Michael Irvin told Yahoo.