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1. WR: Dez Bryant vs. Andre Johnson

Dez Bryant (40) has more than doubled Andre Johnson (19) in TD catches over the last four years.

2. Kicker: Dan Bailey vs. Chris Boswell

Dan Bailey has converted 57 of 61 FG attempts over the last for years. Chris Boswell is an unproven rookie being thrown to the NFL wolves.

3. OL: Smith, Frederick, & Martin vs. Duane Brown

Over the last four years the Cowboys have solidified their OL by drafting three linemen in the 1st round; LT Tyron Smith (2011), C Travis Frederick (2013), and Zach Martin (2014). The Texans lone 1st rounder is Duane Brown (2008).

4. QB: Tony Romo vs. Ryan Fitzpatrick

Over the last three years Romo has thrown 90 TD’s against 39 INT’s. Fitzpatrick has thrown almost as many INT’s (51) as he has TD’s (62) over the same span.

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