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So many of us love the summer.  Barbecue, road trips, water parks, and swimming in the lake are just some of the many outdoor activities that come along with the heat of the summertime.  Sometimes you need a good cooler to bring along to keep your drinks chilly, but what if there was an even cooler way to make your cool cooler even cooler?

Coolest Cooler


There is, and it’s the coolest.

It’s actually called Coolest Cooler and it’s packed full of all kinds of goodies.

Starting at the top of the cooler you’ll find an 18 volt battery-powered blender in case you want to whip up a refreshing smoothie or a tasty margarita.  The side of the cooler sports a removable, waterproof Bluetooth speaker.  Under the hood you’ll find a USB charger, an LED lid light, cutting board, a bottle opener, and even some tie downs.

In fact, the only thing this thing doesn’t have is a giant TV screen for watching the big game.

But speaking of watching the game, Coolest Cooler is also great for those cool fall and winter months when you’re out tailgating at a Houston Texans game.

Want to get your hands on one?  CLICK HERE and learn more about the Coolest Cooler.

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