Here’s the official trailer for Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ and a few hands on reviews to answer all you tech questions and concerns you might have about the device. Check it out below!      

Save time on your Christmas shopping and cop the most LIT gift! 8 Reasons Why You Should Get Alcatel’s IDOL 4S 8. Alcatel’s IDOL 4S is the world’s first smartphone AND virtual reality goggle package 7. The package includes an unlocked android, VR goggles, headphones, & a screen protector    6. Virtual Reality experiences range from depths of the […]


Apple’s workforce is still predominately White and male.

Today, Google took to the stage at its San Francisco headquarters to show the world what its been working on for the past year. Aside from the expected new phones, Google is also looking toward the future with a major push in Artificial Intelligence to make it even easier to communicate with the internet. Check […]


Mattel recently released a Game Developer Barbie in efforts to break gender stereotypes in the STEM industry; but one thing the toy company failed to do was feature the doll in different ethnicities. The only available option was a White doll with red hair. After noticing this while picking up a doll for his wife who is a Black game developer, Marcus Montgomery was prompted to come up with a solution of his own.


New drug reforms are slated to be presented to the United Nations in April.

Amber Rose held down the Interactive portion of the SXSW Festival in Austin yesterday with the official launch of her innovative new 3D character created by Zoobe, a leading character voice-messaging app.


A black woman creates an app aimed to curb employment discrimination.

The stereotype of what engineers are supposed to look like is quickly changing, as evidenced by the Black female engineers kicking ass at Slack, the startup behind the popular messaging platform.

Every week a new app is launched, but none have gained the traction like Periscope in the nine months the platform has been active. Periscope is a live streaming app whose mission is to allow people to see the world through other people’s eyes. It’s essentially a boarding pass to anywhere in the world. Since […]

Bet you didn't know coding allows you the ability to call folks out on their BS and keep projects afloat? Yeah, learn that.

Houston’s own Grammy Award winning rapper, Chamillionaire, hasn’t been sitting by waiting for another hit record.  Cham has continued to amass a profitable portfolio from various investments. Chamillionaire is now an Entrepreneur in Residence at a Venture Capital Firm.  This marks the first time an honor of this kind has been bestowed upon a rap […]