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Waddup, It’s Amir Diamond and I cannot believe this dude is from HOUSTON!!! His talent is out of this world. JT is a hip-hop/R&B artist and comedian who has a new album coming out (#MomentOfSilenceJuly8th) very, very soon.. Okay, I don’t know if he’s a comedian, but some of his instavids ARE FUNNY!! Hahaha

But back to the topic at hand: The Music. I PROMISE I will be one of the firsts to snag a copy of “Moment of Silence” when it’s released next month! I was very hesitant on whether J could make a fan out of me or not, but he proved me wrong! We first connected via Instagram and months later he invited me to this On The Writers Block showcase that he was performing at. LEMME TELL YOU: his stage presence is high-powered and once he was done, the entire room was chanting his songs. I am so proud of your work ethic and positive energy, JT. The time is now! You got it.

Jam JT’s “Addictive Like Dope” and lemme know if it’s hot or not.


JT and his two brothers were raised in Houston, Texas by their mother and step- father. Although he was raised in the church, he led a life of promiscuity, street fighting, guns and violence. It was when JT heard the words “this is your last chance”, that he began to adhere to the voice inside that was calling him. Dillard surrendered his life to Christ in 2005 at the age of 18 and began to serve Jesus whole-heartedly.

If you wanna see JT make some magic on stage, he has a free show going down next month! Here’s the details:



Read More about JT on JTOfficial.Com and look out for his summer solo debut album on July 8th titled “Moment of Silence”

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