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Hey Houston! Hip-Hop heads were in for a treat over the weekend at St. John’s North West Campus. It was the grand opening of “The Writers Block” (a showcase that will take place on the first Friday of every month). Performers had a safe place to express their talents and made a promise to be conscious of what they created. What’s interesting is that I never once realized that they weren’t cursing in their songs….or that it all happened in a church house. They successfully captured the souls of multiple demographics (from mature adults to a 15 year old @Fresh_Kidd100 who sat front and center).
@MsShawnFlowers, your hosting abilities are OUT OF THIS WORLD! Amazing job, girl!
@TheKelsJohnson, that was a performance that folks will be forced to never forget! Threw the glasses off and everything! LOL

@MrAJMcQueen, you brought me to tears. I looked around the room and the audience’s eyes were watered-up as well. That piece about Brenda’s Baby was one of the most creative works I’ve ever heard. I think what hit home was when you questioned the idea of what the world would be like if Mary aborted Jesus. That was deep! You took a concept from Tupac’s song and ran with it! I cannot express how dope your performance was.
@MicTunez, You started off the second half of the event with a bang! I think my new slogan for 2014 is “In Spite Of What Anyone Says….I’M STILL MOVING”
Finally, I appreciate @eyeamjt for inviting me out. Your high-crazed energy was reminiscent of a Hip-Hop version of the legendary artist Prince. You and the rest of the crew (@LifeSpeaker @Preston_n_perry @JackieHillPerry @NyaMusic @PreciousParks @VirginiaHeights @ImSirThomas) ended up inspiring me and refueling my spirits.  Thank You, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
Great Job, Young People!
And If I left anyone out….DON’T SHOOT ME! LOL
Luv & Respect,
-Amir Diamond (@WhosYourDiamond)
For more information @OnTheWritersBlock, Click here.