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Word up, H-Town! It’s the new kid at 97.9 The Box: Amir Diamond (@WhosYourDiamond). I’ve been under the radar lately, but that’s only because I’ve been searching for some of the next BIG superstars that are emerging from our city.

In college, I had an online radio show which featured music from Houston artists and I’ve grown to love a lot of them. Most of the underground world is already familiar with Darian, Delo, Doughbeezy, LE$, Propain, Varrie V, etc. They have already created a staple and made their marks in this music game and are about to succeed to even higher levels!

THIS LIST is more like an introduction. A Next To Blow kind of thing.

Now…these aren’t your typical, modern-day, one-hit-wonder, self-proclaimed “Rap Gods.” These are people who take their craft seriously! These are the MVP’s. Number One Draft Picks. Take a look and a listen at this list I compiled of 20 artists we think will make Houston even hotter next year!  #SupportLocalMusic!

Check out the list below (In Alphabetical Order):

Alonzo Cartier (@AlonzoCartier_)

Buzz Track / Shine Song: “Down 4 Me”

What You Need To Know: He’s from Port Arthur, TX but resides here in H-Town and could actually stand strong in the lane with some of your favorites! His catalog of quality songs is ridiculous!

More Info:

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