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As weird as this sounds, rumors have been swirling (see what I did there?) about Jamie Foxx dating actress Katie Holmes. The pair was first spotted out at various events in August and the gossip of a relationship has been spreading since. However, Jamie Foxx is finally coming out to deny said rumors.

As the story goes, plenty of mainstream entertainment outlets have reported Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have secretly been hitting the sheets since they hung out at a charity event in the Hamptons over the sumer. Some have even reported Holmes was seen sneaking out of Foxx’s apartment during the early morning hours. Despite the media reports, both Foxx and Holmes have remained very quiet about the matter. That is until Jamie Foxx went on “Entertainment Tonight” and flat out denied the rumors.

Jamie Foxx told “Entertainment Tonight” host Nancy O’Dell, “[the rumors] are one hundred percent not true. In fact, it’s quite hilarious because we simply danced at a charity event along with a lot of other people.”

While Jamie Foxx can deny the rumors, we have to say one thing. If Jamie Foxx really is or has smashed Katie Holmes, he is breaking all of the damn G code laws men have put in place. You don’t get with your friend’s ex-wife! But hey, we don’t know if i’s true or not. What do you think? Is Jamie Foxx sleeping with Katie Holmes?



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