Many voiced both their oppositions and co-signs to Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx publicly confirming that, at his current age of 53 years old, marriage is something he still doesn't see for himself in the immediate or foreseeable future.

"I learned how to live," Foxx said of his late sister, who passed away on October 19 at the age of 36.

Jamie Foxx is using this quarantine to get his body right to play the former heavyweight boxer, Mike Tyson in an upcoming biopic. 

Celebrities, supporters and more came to pay their final respects to George Floyd on Tuesday.

So this may be one of the more stacked comedy lineups I’ve ever seen. Netflix announced on Monday a brand new festival titled Netflix Is A Joke, running from April 27 to May 3 and is produced in a partnership with Live Nation. If you want to attend, it might cost you a little bit […]

Jamie Foxx and his long-rumored girlfriend Katie Holmes ended their 6-year relationship after Foxx was spotted holding hands with Sela Vave according to E! News. Now the world wants to know who the young woman is that has the 51-year-old actor’s attention. The mystery woman who is very obscure on social media goes by the […]

In the pantheon of entertainers with multiple talents, it doesn’t get any more stacked in that arena that Jamie Foxx and Donald Glover. Both men have done major things in film, television, and music, causing Twitter to debate who is the more talented of the two. The debate kicked off at some point on Tuesday […]

Jamie Foxx is officially in the clear. Months ago, the Beat Shazam host was accused of slapping a woman with his penis back in 2002 at his Las Vegas home. The victim claimed that Foxx slapped her after she refused to perform oral sex on him at a party. Even though there were holes in […]