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So act like it.

Life experiences have taught me a lot about myself.  I realized that I never really understood my self-worth. My father would constantly tell me “Jillian, you are a treasure.” I never took that to mean anything other than he really loved me. I’ve always heard about people searching for treasures in history books and in movies like Indiana Jones.  Still, I never looked at myself as being a treasure until recently.

Treasure can often be defined as any thing or person greatly valued or highly prized.

Back in the day, people searched their entire lives for treasure.  People fought and died while traveling the world in search of these riches. One thing we know…It took a lot of work to get to the treasure!!!  You first had to have a general understanding of what you were looking for.  No one was going to risk their life just to get to one gold bracelet!  You had to know that the treasure was really worth your efforts.  Next, you had to form a plan.  Some people were lucky enough to have a guide or even a map.  Then you had to research the crap that you were going to have to go through to get there! Hurricanes, tribal wars, storms, etc didn’t stop those voyagers from searching for the undiscovered treasure. Once they arrived to the treasure, it was a glorious feeling. Although, they were exhausted from all the time and energy they put into it, their eye’s lit up with overwhelming joy!  ”I MADE IT!! IT IS MINE!!!”

You should feel the same way about yourself.  You are so valuable, so precious, that a man should have to work his ass off for you.  He should be treating you as if you are of GREAT worth.  A few things prevent this from happening though.

One thing is that we are so concerned with all the other treasures that they can search for. Yes, we can acknowledge that there are tons of treasures but none like YOU.  You are special. You are unique. As funny as it sounds…YOU ARE THE ONLY YOU!!!! And you are wonderfully made!!

Two, there are pepples fronting as treasure and these men are confused.  Once they thought that they were searching for a treasure and found a tin cup with 3 quarters in it. LOL. This happens but the right guy who knows what he wants won’t stop looking for the treasure. You don’t want the person who thinks the treasure should come to him.  You definitely don’t want the person that doesn’t view you as treasure at all.

Three, you aren’t used to “Treasure Hunters”.  A treasure hunter is a very determined person.  He will stand out! He doesn’t “talk about it”…he “beez about it!!!” LOL!!! He looks to conquer obstacles.  He puts in the necessary work.  He is a man with a plan!  He is a leader!

Don’t get me to preaching up in here. LOL. Let me wrap this up.  YOU are the treasure! YOU! He needs to come looking for YOU! But he has to see that you are treasure. More importantly, you have to know you are the treasure. Act like it.

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