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We are almost halfway through the year! How is that “New Years Resolution” going?  Most people have already fallen off of their plan to get in shape and eat right.  I just want to bring you some encouragement!!!  Reset your goals.  Don’t create a goal that is too outrageous!  Maybe starting next week you make an effort to walk around the block everyday after work or before work.  Cancel out soda! That alone will make a HUGE difference!  Don’t be discouraged!  If you slid off of your original plan, it’s not too late to start a new plan!  You can do it.

I have been running now at least every other day at Memorial Park.  I haven’t ran in years!!!!  I love it though.  It’s my alone time.  I am able to listen to my favorite music and get in a zone!  I also make sure to do my sit ups every night and try to throw in those lunges! (I HATE LUNGES!!!!) But I do them anyway.  I have a goal too.  I am almost there.  I almost let my fathers death throw me off of my plan.  For a few weeks, I only wanted to sit at the house and eat ice cream.  Luckily, I snapped out of that real quick.  I wanna be on the beach with a teensy weensy, yellow polka-dot-bikini!!! lol!!!

Let’s Goooooooo!!!!1