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I’ve been thinking a lot about posses lately. Why do athletes, rappers, rock stars and sometimes politicians and pundits feel the need to travel in such large groups?

A man, or woman for that matter, should stand on his or her own right? You’re the only one that should be responsible for your actions and the one who takes the heat when something you say or do starts a fire. At least that’s what I used to think. That’s because, oftentimes I equated possess with weakness and those not able to stand-alone. It is true that is often the case in this society when backbone and personal accountability seem to be a thing of the past, but there is something to be said about strength and numbers.

One man, even a great man, can only do so much to change the world. Gandhi, Malcom, MLK, even Obama, had to mobilized the masses to affect change. And as much as I would like to believe that I could do it all alone, I know that’s simply not true in my heart.

That’s why I’m mobilizing a posse of my own. J Mac’s Posse, the Mac Militia, call it what you want, but you won’t call it ineffective. I’m not talking about a bunch of people out to floss and shine why they say they’re doing good works. I’m talking about people grindin’ 24-hours a day to make hip-hop, Houston and the world better.

So, hear my call far and wide. From Haverstock to Haiti, Conroe to the Congo, China Spring to China – it’s time to stop wishing and start doing. Join my posse and let’s change the world together.