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When will this boy learn???!!!

Soulja Boy definitely isn’t doing himself any favors by completely, not only dissing, but disrespecting, the countries FBI and armed forces.

The 21 year old rapper uploaded a video with a new track titled “Let’s Be Real,” and in the opening lyrics to the  song he boldly made these statements:

    “F**k the FBI and F**k all the Army  

     Bi**h be your own man, I’ll be flying through the clouds

     With green like I’m Peter Pan”

In turn, Army representatives and millitary veterans have already released a petition banning Soulja Boy music and products.  One petitoner, as he should, proceeded to bash the rapper for his lyrics stating, “My son fought for you Soulja, what did you do for him?”

Soulja Boy has gone on the record with a very public and detailed apology to everyone that was offended, and he said that sometimes his words are misinterpreted; however, he never should have made the comments to begin with.

Personally, I think it’s a bit late for that young one….Lesson to be learned in this incident: Think before you act…sometimes an apology is nothing but word b/c too much damage has already been caused…