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A lot of you out there think J Mac and James Garrett are the same person. The truth is – other than both being tall, sexy, buff, bald black men – that they are very different people. They say that the only people who know themselves are shallow. I feel like the only way to know someone is to listen; not just to words, but to the quiet spaces in between them and the expressions they precede. So, to give YOU – my fans, friends… my family some insight into the Freestyle King, here is a short interview of him by his other half, mild-mannered intellectual James Garrett.

JG: People always say I’m a nice guy. Why are you so arrogant Mac?

J Mac: What is arrogance? Is it confidence? If it is, then call me arrogant. If the trust I have in my knowledge and abilities makes others think I’m full of myself I cannot help that. Some people sit on the sidelines and let life pass them by. Mac waits, watches and when the opportunity arrives brings the relevant skills to the table to save the day

JG: Why are you always in the gym?

J Mac: Why have a healthy mind without a healthy body. You could have an idea that could save the world and die choking on a donut. Or spend your time getting the perfect body, while you neglect those who love you. I’m not always at the gym. I’m just there enough to find a balance. And if it helps make me even sexier than so be it. God is good.

JG: I like to read the thoughts of great men study the past and plan for the future. You call yourself the Freestyle King and say you’re some kind of great rapper. What’s all that about?

J Mac: The people put that label on me. I may not have the best flow or the best lyrics but every rhyme I spit is honest, full of heart and passion. Some like Jay Z and Kanye are self-made kings; others like Romeo are handed down the keys to the kingdom. The people, and their love, make me what I am.

JG: Cool. But, I have another question. I’ve been looking to the queen to my king for a long time. Ya know? I mean I’ve been searching for that one special girl who makes my world. You’re a ladies’ man. You’ve been caught in pictures around town with every letter of the alphabet from Beyonce to Just Brittany. What’s going on?

J Mac: Ha, ha. You know once you put on your chain and put in your ’rangs and show ’em these thangs we spent all those hours working on in the gym they can’t resist us man. Let me put it like this. A lot of girls are out there just for themselves, would love to use and abuse a nice brother with a good job like you. That’s why you handle the business and I handle the pleasure. I always treat em right then when they go AWOL I’m just mean enough to make sure we don’t go from superhero to Captain Save-A-ho.

JG: Trust me Mac. My momma didn’t raise no fool. I get it, though. We’re like two sides of the same coin. We like to live life to the fullest and are adaptable to any situation. No glasses or capes needed.

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