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You can probably thank designer Marc Jacobs for this one… H&M has a surprise for all those men that want to wear skirts but can’t find them in their size. They have added skirts to the Men’s 2010 Spring Collection.


Now men will have the option of wearing a skirt that is specifically made for them and it’s recommend that they pair it with tights. They have also added fringe jackets, tie-dye scarves and harem pants.

Like we said before, you can probably thank Marc Jacobs for this inspiration. Back in 2008, a lot of people questioned Marc’s kilt. He clearly explained that it was a skirt not a kilt and was seen wearing them all the time. We would expect some high end brand to take this risk but never H&M.

Damn… We can only imagine what the streets of Atlanta, New York and L.A. are about to look like!!!

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