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By now, you know the deal. Slim Thug gives AllHipHop.con his faves, who and why. Please, let me know which MCs compose your Top 5 Dead Or Alive. 

Slim Thug: Top 5 Dead Or Alive—Tupac!  

TUPAC Why Tupac? 

Slim Thug: Tupac, his music is so meaningful; you know what I’m saying. With him, it wasn’t just about music. He had so much feeling in everything he did. That’s like, my favorite rapper of all time; that’s Tupac! Do you have a favorite verse or favorite album? 

Slim Thug: I don’t know; I can’t even pick one. I hate to pick one, but I like Makaveli [The Don Kiluminati: The 7 Day Theory]. I love Makaveli; that is my s***! But, I don’t want to just pick one, because I listen to all his music. I got a playlist, I went from Dallas all the way here [Tulsa, OK] listening to nothing but Tupac songs. My birthday is on September eighth, he got shot on September seventh [1996], and he died on the thirteenth. So, during that week I was going out, but it wasn’t too much ‘Pac related. But, you know, I’m always listening to his music and putting s*** on Twitter, showing respect. After ‘Pac, who’s next? 


Slim Thug: Jay-Z, him being alive, I got so much respect for him as an artist, you know what I’m saying. For him to be so consistent, and for him to still be the top rapper in this generation—dude is like 40 years old and he’s broke all kind of boundaries. He’s done everything a rapper can do and he’s still breaking records and doing everything. He went and got [Beyoncé] the baddest chick in the game. He’s done everything; he’s the all-star in this s***! I don’t think that anyone could f*** with Jay-Z’s hustle, his actual lyrics of the game, and his consistency. Witnessing him putting out music over and over again, is just crazy! It’s something to look up to. Have you had the opportunity to work with him? 

Slim Thug: When I worked with Pharrell, he was on the “I Ain’t Heard of That” remix. That was about the closest we got to working with each other. That was definitely a good look. Definitely, so, who comes after Jay-Z? 


Slim Thug: Of all time? See, I like Biggie. I think he jam or whatever. But, I don’t think he put out enough music to be [considered] the best ever. He only put out two albums, due to him losing his life. And I’m from the South; I’ll put cats like, Scarface, on the list. Scarface is one of the Top to me. I grew up on ‘Face. He was a big influence on my music. Scarface is Houston! He’s definitely the best rapper out of Houston, hands down. You know what I’m saying; he just molded our whole scene! Like the Rap-A-Lot MCs, that type of music, I grew up on that type of s***.  

I didn’t have no clue what a lot of the mother***ers was talking about— Like the New York s***; I didn’t know nothing about their Hip-Hop. A lot of that s***, I didn’t know about until after. But, you know, I can tell you anything about Scarface; because, Scarface is the dude that I grew up on! Lyrically, he’s just a beast. He never was commercial; he never did it for commercial reasons! He kept it hood and all the way street and it inspired us to keep it hood and keep it street, and for me to stay independent. You know, it ain’t about the radio, it ain’t about TV, it’s about, you know, doing what you want to do. You’ve had the opportunity to work with him on different occasions. How do you prepare your mindset to work with ‘Face? What is it like in the studio knowing that you’ll be on a track with him? Does it make you go harder, do you have to write and rewrite? Or, is it an organic experience when y’all are working together?  

Slim Thug: It’s just crazy; ‘Face is a cool dude! He’s my partna, you know what I’m saying? He called me to get on his album. I got him on my album. Just to be able to work with somebody who you grew up listening to, a dude who made you want to rap, it is an honor. I grew up listening to the Geto Boys and his albums. That made me want to be a rapper, and for me to be able to do a song with him is just a blessing. It’s humbling; it lets you know you are hustling. But, you definitely gotta bring the heat with ‘Face. I don’t even take Rap that serious to think that I’m going to wreck Scarface. [laughs] 

Slim Thug:  You know what I’m saying, I ain’t even that real of a rapper. I don’t even be in the studio like that to say, I’m ‘bout to get on ‘Face song and wreck him. I don’t even look at it like that. I’m just happy to be on the same track as him, that’s it. I love your humility right now. 

Slim Thug:  It’s real. Who is next? 


Slim Thug: Who else? I would say, UGK. They’re a group; but, there among the top artists to me. I grew up on they s***. I know a mother***er from New York will say something totally different, like Wu-Tang. I never got into to Wu-Tang. I still don’t understand that s***, because I’m from the South. But, I’m sure them motherfuckers look at us like, ‘Them country motherf***ers talking about candy cars and s***. What the f*** they talking about? It’s stupid.’ But, we be looking at them kinda the same way sometimes. So, you know what I’m saying. So I say UGK. UGK, Pimp C and Bun B, huh? 

Slim Thug: The same thing with them. It was Scarface, and it was UGK, they’re both legends! I grew up listening to them. For Pimp to embrace me so much before he passed, it’s a blessing.

You know, he always spoke highly when it came to me. So, I’ma stay representing for them forever! You’ll always hear me say, R.I.P. Pimp C, or something about Pimp C; because, he showed me so much love. And Bun B is my brother; I just got off the phone with him. We’re about to shoot another video. He always shows me love. That’s something else, when I get on a record, I don’t try to wreck Bun B. It don’t make sense; it doesn’t even sound right. You can’t put me in the same category. Slim Thug is not the in the Bun B, Pimp C, Scarface category. You can never compare me to them because they are on a whole ‘nother level than I am. And your final pick? 


Slim Thug: I’ll say Lil Wayne; I think he’s definitely an artist that deserves respect. Out of all time, Lil Wayne? 

Slim Thug: Out of all time, Lil Wayne. Let me tell you why I say Lil Wayne. I have been a fan of Cash Money and the whole Hot Hoyz movement, you know, since before they even popped off like that. But, the reason why I say that Lil Wayne is one of the best of all time is because of how consistent he is. He does more music and puts more out there than Jay-Z. He puts more out there than anybody! Nobody is putting out as much music as Lil Wayne, nobody. He’s got more mixtapes and all that s***. He’s doing Rock albums and doing everything. So, I’ll put him in the Top 5, too. Just his hustle, and him doing everything, and putting out so much good music, I’ll definitely give him that! You don’t think his lyrical quality deteriorates with all the music that he put out?

Slim Thug: That’s my point, for him to be able to do that and still be the s***; he’s a bad motherf**ker. You know what I’m saying, for him to be able to put out all that music. You know, Jay-Z ain’t doing no records, with like, you know, no other artists or no new artists. Or no s*** like that, besides the major mother!@#$. It seems like Lil Wayne will do a record with any muthaf***ing body. He will kill that s*** and it will be a hit. So, that’s why I gotta give him one of the spots in the Top 5, for him being so consistent and working with everybody! You know, doing s*** with everybody and still being the s***.  

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