I’m so proud of Kehlani. Ever since she visited my “Late Night Hype” show, her brand has been taking off like wildfire. She was already on the cusp of super-stardom when she visited, but it’s gotten even crazier as of late! Let’s just start with her “You Should Be Here” MIXTAPE being nominated for Best […]

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Okay…now if this is true…this is far beyond thirsty…it’s just flat out gross. According to TMZ, rumors are swirling that Kenya Moore’s beloved little dog Velvet…

A woman in Brazil was found alive in the morgue!!! She had already been in the plastic bag in the refrigerator for 2 hours!!!!! Needless to say the doctor who pronounced her “DEAD” resigned and the nurse who checked her vitals was FIRED!!!!! I personally wouldn’t have looked in the fridge in I heard noise […]

Soulja Boy is known for making outrageous statements on his Twitter account and Wednesday night proved no different. The SODMG head who previously beefed with Fabolous on the social network, made an announcement yesterday to all his fans; he’s the “sexiest rapper alive.” The 20-year-old didn’t stop there however he added that he was the […]

By now, you know the deal. Slim Thug gives AllHipHop.con his faves, who and why. AllHipHop.com: Please, let me know which MCs compose your Top 5 Dead Or Alive.  Slim Thug: Top 5 Dead Or Alive—Tupac!   TUPAC  AllHipHop.com: Why Tupac?  Slim Thug: Tupac, his music is so meaningful; you know what I’m saying. With […]