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Soulja Boy’s Back To School Tour came through Columbus, OH this weekend and Soulja Boy along with Roscoe Dash, Diamond of Crime Mob, & The GS Boyz came through and put on a great show.

Soulja Boy’s fans were there to help him get through the tough times he’s been having in the media. They didn’t shy away from expressing their feelings towards Kat Stacks and supporting Soulja.

We were able to get interviews with all of the artists that performed that night but the biggest interview of all was with Soulja Boy. Would Soulja Boy finally address the Kat Stacks rumors? Was he serious about his beef with Fabolous? And what’s going on between him and Bow Wow?

Check out the interview here and take a look at the pics from the event including the fans F*** Kat Stacks Posters (hilarious)


Soulja Boy Disses Fabolous, Threatens To “Beat His Face In”

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Stay tuned for interviews with the rest of the artists from the tour right here on!

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