Kat Stacks

Young Money’s former personal groupie Kat Stacks has allegedly been deported back to Venezuela! “Her last immigration hearing was held on June 21, 2011 and the judge ordered removal/deportation. She took to her Twitter to speak her mind on what her next move is, saying “ima keep appealing my case until these b*tches release me.” […]

The following music video of Sidney Starr shows more than just how untalented she is, but proves that she was born a man. The record is a diss towards Kat Stacks but at the end displays Sidney’s birth certificate, after operation care documents and baby photos.

Rapper Soulja Boy stopped by the Box studios to promote his new album ‘The DeAndre Way’. Soulja Boy covers everything from the Lupe diss, he and 50 Cent’s friendship and recent business venture, his new movie and book and also the Kat Stacks coke video, her pregnancy tweets and whether or not he had anything […]

Kat Stacks’ Mom Addresses Her Daughter’s Legal Issues Looks like Kat Stacks may be creeping back to a rapper’s bed sooner than expected. According to the super groupie’s mom, Kat Stacks will not be deported and will be released from jail soon. “GOD WORKS in MYSTERIOUS WAYS .. @ihateKatStacks WILL BE HOME SOON we spoke , […]

Via Bossip: It looks like the U.S. may be safe from Kat Stacks. The professional jizz guzzler, attention whore extraordinaire and purveyor of groupie tales was arrested Friday in Nashville, Tennessee on immigration related charges and now it appears she is very likely to be deported back to her native Venezuela.

Groupie of the year Kat Stacks recently sat down with our partners at Hot 107.9’s studios and gave an exclusive, Patron-fueled interview to The Durtty Boyz. Stacks spoke in detail about being a stripper at 14 and turning tricks in Brooklyn as a teenage prostitute for her former pimp, who is also the father of […]

VIA MyColumbusPower.com Kat Stacks came to  and got some payback! She goes in on Soulja Boy’s “Cokehead swag”, kicks it with the girl from the infamous F*** Kat Stacks photo, and her and her security beat up some Bow Wow fan! If you remember last month our website made national news for posting an exclusive […]

This weekend Chris Brown gave Kat Stacks the attention she’s been looking for and the two had a lil twitter beef. SMH at her life...

Soulja Boy’s Back To School Tour came through Columbus, OH this weekend and Soulja Boy along with Roscoe Dash, Diamond of Crime Mob, & The GS Boyz came through and put on a great show.

In the adventures of Kat Stacks land, drama developed between her, LaLa Vasquez and Carmelo Anthony. It all began when Stacks sent out a tweet to Anthony questioning whether “he tasted like Carmel”.  Carmelo initially responded but wife LaLa had to jump in to have her man’s back and let Stacks know that “ I ain’t […]

I really don’t mess with this chick, but when I saw this story, I had to share it with you guys. According to mediatakeout.com, the most hated groupie on the planet got into it with her mom over the weekend.

Everyone’s favorite GROUPIE Kat Stacks is reportedly 12 weeks pregnant. and I know you’re saying, who is the DADDY?