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Rapper Soulja Boy stopped by the Box studios to promote his new album ‘The DeAndre Way’. Soulja Boy covers everything from the Lupe diss, he and 50 Cent’s friendship and recent business venture, his new movie and book and also the Kat Stacks coke video, her pregnancy tweets and whether or not he had anything to do with her getting deported!

On the Album:

The album “The DeAndre Way” will feature Ester Dean, Trey Songz, 50 Cent and others and releases on November 30th.

On the Friendship with 50 Cent and their business venture:

Their friendship developed when they were backstage when he first performed ‘Crank That’ on 106 and Park. They decided to do a business venture together and developed a digital eyewear company that will produce protection eye wear for people who are on the computer or television games extensively. Soulja Boy’s brand of digital eye wear brand will be called Cortez under this venture.

On Lupe Fiasco diss:

Soulja Boy clarifies that it was a taken out of context, and that he only made a reference to Lupe in comparison to his lyrical style. He says it wasn’t meant as a diss but the media “glorified” that and he knows controversy sells. He then stated that he and Lupe are actually cool and Lupe DM’d him on Twitter and they talked briefly about it.

But then it takes a turn, and Soulja Boy says that if Lupe did take offense to it,”grow up-this is HipHop” and in the industry people will always make reference to you in some way.

On his movie and long awaited book:

The DeAndre Way book will be released and will talk about his key to success and coming up wanting to be in the music industry instead of being in school. The movie will be a documentary but will cover similar themes, but also go into depth about his family, making of the DeAndre Way album, inside the life on the road, 50 Cent, Kanye, his shows and more. The film will be directed by Mike Becker of “Twilight” series fame.

On Kat Stacks:

Soulja Boy jokingly talks about how he “loved” Kat Stacks and he couldn’t believe she ‘betrayed’ him. He then confirms that she is not pregnant by him rumors and that because she has put out so much negativity, her karma will eventually catch up with her. He also dismisses that he had anything to do with her recently getting arrested to be deported.

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