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Source: Brandon Caldwell / Radio One Digital

BeatKing is proof of hard work paying off at the right time.

On Friday (April 30), the Club God shared a photo of him staring at his brand new gold plaque for the single “Then Leave” featuring Queendom Come. The plaque is the first of his now decade-long career which featured club anthems such as “Crush,” “Hammer,” “BDA,” “Scream,” “Stand Behind Her,” “Throw Dat Ahh,” “THICK,” “U Ain’t Bout That Life” and more.

“Does it seem real yet?” he asks Queendom Come when she holds onto her plaque .”Does it seem real yet?! Dog, this sh*t crazy. It be – it be catching me off guard. I be like, ‘Damn.’ Cause you know it’s goin’ platinum next year, then the song with Ludacris, that muthaf*cka doin’ numbers. We got the Bone Thugs challenge … y’all got us f*cked up!”

Released on March 27, 2020, “Then Leave” quickly became a viral sensation on TikTok and more, eventually leading to BeatKing signing a deal with Columbia Records. After the ink was dry, the Club God got right back to work, hitting Atlanta to release singles with Lil Jon as well as create a tribute to Luadcris‘ “P-Poppin” with “Keep It Poppin” featuring the DTP leader himself.

Revisit the video for “Then Leave” below.