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After being teased since January, the official visual tribute for DJ Screw titled All Screwed Up is out now. Fans can watch an extended version with the purchase of a Screw Box at

The passion project from Isaac “Chill” Yowman and his iYo Visuals team comes with an early disclaimer from Lil Keke, an original member of the Screwed Up Click and friend of Screw.

“We have to be mature enough to understand what’s happening,” Keke said. “Don’t expect this … everybody got a thought process of ‘It should play out this way or play out that way. It should look this way.’ Ain’t no way in the world we can create a perfect timeline. Just enjoy the experience of bringing everything that we enjoyed our culture and things that we built and bringing it together as a whole. Don’t look for it to be perfect or imperfect is what I would tell the people who are excited about seeing it.”

He continued, “Don’t try to mix this timeline with this, we had to make this for the masses. So, just enjoy it and don’t put so much into ‘this was missing, that was missing, or this should have been here, where’s what’s her name?’ Just enjoy the whole collaborative effort of enjoying Screw’s life and his legacy.”

The tribute documents various moments of Screw’s life such as his adolescence, the emergence of chopped and screwed music and the one-man economy he built out of the fabled Wood Room, the beginnings of the Northside/Southside beef as well as infamous Screwed Up Click moments such as the recording of “June 27th.”

Rosha Washington stars as DJ Screw, Paigion Walker as Screw’s mother, Ida Mae Davis, Kyle Anthony Mosely as young DJ Screw, LaShae Boone-McCray as Screw’s fiancé Nikki Williams, Phill Wade as Screw’s father Robert Earl Davis Sr., Marqus Clae as Toe, Omete Anassi as Lil Keke, Diamond Lyons as Shorty Mac, Dean Will as the Landlord and Rodrick Randall as Fat Pat. The unofficial soundtrack includes music from LeeLonn, Lenora, Jack Freeman, Stoppa, Dante Higgins and more. Watch it above.

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