December 1st is World AIDS Day, a chance for people to work actively and collaboratively with others around the world to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and help us get closer to the goal of an AIDS-free generation.  I believe that it is possible!  I can also see the conversation years from now… “remember that disease back in the […]

For the first time, the U.S. government is confirming that it conducted secret chemical experiments on World War II troops by grouping them according to…


  Hey guys, JJ here! As a mommy I know some of the pressures our children face in school and especially during this month of April as it is the month of STAAR testing! I wanted to highlight a couple helpful tips you can share with your children or relatives for the testing period. In […]

With the United States breaking the 250 million mark with diagnosed STD's, it is important to be cautious what you are doing and who you are doing it with.

Kwame Hall documents the entire show with the new iPhone 4. Look at the clear pics and video.

Kwame Hall speaks with BIG D from The City Of Houston on the 4 year progression of the free testing process. Kwame Hall speaks with BIG D from The City Of Houston on the 4 year progression of the free testing process. Kwame Hall gets Big D from the City of Houston to show the […]

Despite advances in HIV testing and treatment, HIV and AIDS still pose a major threat to African-American men who have sex with other men, inject drugs with dirty needles, or neglect to get tested.

It has just been announced the Houston's own Z-Ro will also be performing at the Hip Hop 4 HIV Awareness concert July 31st!


HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death in the African-American community for men and women.  According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, 49 percent of African- Americans are contracting HIV/AIDS and only account for 13 percent of the U.S. population.  African-Americans have been hit the hardest with a rising number of deaths attributed […]

VIA:  Health.Com By:  Robert Preidt SOURCE: Radiological Society of North America, news release, Feb. 23, 2010 Dr. Janie Lee, and her collegues used statistical modeling to compare the costs and benefits of mammography alone, MRI alone, and mammography and MRI combined in a hypothetical group of 25-year-old women with BRCA1 mutations, which significantly increase the […]