spirit airlines

If you’ve ever flown before, chances are you know what it’s like to spend a few days scouring the web to find the best possible price before you leave on your trip–unless, you know, you got monnneeyyyy. With that being said, if you’ve never flown on certain airlines before, things can get confusing when it […]

A group of African-Americans are accusing Spirit Airlines of racial discrimination after they were kicked off a flight from Los Angeles to Dallas.

I got a chance to meet and interview Paul Berry, the director/PR/advertising spokesman, for Spirit Airlines the other day.  He told me how it’s  35 to 40 percent cheaper to fly Spirit Airlines than other airlines.  If you want to save some money check out the interview below! For More Info About Spirit Airlines Visit […]

Via MSNBC.Com The airline known for making a mockery of the likes of Tiger Woods and Charlie Sheen with controversial ad campaigns has done it again. Spirit Airlines has used the Secret Service prostitution scandal as part of their new promotion, offering a “More Bang for your Buck” deal to Cartagena, Colombia and some domestic […]