It all started when someone was goofing off on social media about how they wanted Orlando Brown to ref the fight of the century (Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy). I chimed in and asked “Where do we sign up?” TELL ME WHY ORLANDO BROWN ACTUALLY RESPONDED BACK!!! Lol He told me to create a petition […]

The rapper hit Instagram with a photo of Chris Brown's little girl.

Well Migos haven’t let the show stop. Today the trio dropped new visuals to “Call Casting”, a visual shot in Nigeria! I love seeing young brothers continue to build their brand. And they have been virtually silent on the “Soulja Boy” beef. Last month Quavo was attacked by Soulja Boy via IG, which he totally […]

Soulja Boy's wild behavior over the past few weeks has everyone talking – even OG rappers like Fabolous.

Wow. When I went to sleep last night, I didn’t see this coming! I was almost sure after the escalating videos there was going to be some type of run in with “S Beezy vs C Breezy”. But earlier today Soulja Boy issues a video apology to fans & Chris Brown, Quavo, & Yachty. What […]

Maybe his recent adventure into the hood made him see the error of his bizarre ways! Soulja Boy has apparently seen the light and issued an apology to “Team Soulja”, fans the blogs and media and even his foes. Maybe this one moment here made Soulja’s life flash before his eyes? The surprisingly remorseful […]

Soulja Boy apparently still hasn't had enough of being the butt of a month's worth of jokes, because he continues to show off his antics.

  This already crazy episode of Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy may take a physical turn. In case you missed it, after Soulja Boy commented on  a picture of Karrueche, Chris Brown went in on both of them! Somehow it escalated into a boxing match, when Chris challenged via IG, and S Beezy accepted. Who […]

The Soulja Boy and Chris Brown beef has taken a truly strange turn after Soulja took to the streets to live stream interactions with everyday people, trying to prove that his name carries more clout in the hood than his rival. After the two artist went back and forth on social media, Soulja boy’s attempt to prove […]

  And the “Most Petty Rapper Of 2017” award goes to Lil Yachty. LOL!!! The first challenge of the year that went viral is the #SouljaBoyChallenge. Last month we talked to Lil Yachty about the “beef/non beef” with Soulja Boy. The craziest thing is… IT WAS ABOUT A FEMALE OVER SOCIAL MEDIA!!! So in true […]

Here we are only 3 days into 2017 and already celebrities are taking to social media to start new drama. This new beef comes courtesy of Soulja Boy and Chris Brown with Karrueche Tran thrown in for good measure. If you are active on social media you already know that Soulja Boy and Chris Brown […]

Chris Brown and Soulja Boy's social media quarrel over Karrueche has gone so far, she had to chime in.