Here are a few stores that have decided to let senior citizens shop an hour early before other customers. The hour has been dubbed “Senior Shopping Hour.”  Here are a list of the stores and their opening times for “Senior Shopping Hour.” Via Abc13.com Walmart – Every Tuesday morning 6AM – 7AM starting Tuesday, March […]

“Envision The Empowered You Conference as being Seniors 101! It is a one-stop shop providing resources and information to help you thrive in this season of your life. Come be inspired by dynamic speakers, informative workshops, community resources and a host of other fun activities ranging from cooking classes to line dancing” (Be The Solution). […]

Grandmother Geneva Smith said she handcuffed, dragged to the police car and thrown in jail for being an innocent bystander while her son was arrested.

Tat tat tatted up! Tattoos are obviously a permanent staple in society seen on people of all ages and backgrounds. Clearly they’re not limited to rappers, rock n roll stars,  and rebellious teenagers. It’s often asked “what are they going to do when they’re older?” Well senior citizen, Isobel Varley shows that she wears hers […]


via: myfoxhouston.com HOUSTON – In the northwest Houston neighborhood where Dr. Conrad Murray opened a clinic several years ago, the reaction to the guilty verdict was much different than the celebratory one outside the California courthouse. In Acres Homes, Dr. Murray is loved by his patients. The low-income neighborhood is home to many senior citizens […]