Together, we stand to unite for peace. From Dallas, Baton Rouge and Minnesota, our hearts are saddened. We will publicly unite through prayer, songs, words of encouragement and strategies to move forward. This movement is hosted by Bishop E. L. Usher, Tawanda Usher, Faith-Based Pastors, Civic Leader, Houston Police Department, Houston Independent School District, City […]

Fans of good ole soul and r&b music will be hearing a lot more of their favorite genre thanks to BET.

Stand in solidarity and peace with all who suffer from war and violence. Join in and be part of a “flash mob” human formation of the peace symbol on the Jones Lawn of Discovery Green on Thursday, November 19. Formation begins at 12:15 pm.

  Guys, JJ here. I really cannot believe its been 13 YEARS since that life and world changing day. May peace be with the victims of that day’s attacks and may there be peace in the city! I’m glad to see New York City recover and move forward. Via “The New York City skyline […]

Mariah Carey sat with Angie Martinez and talked, marriage, music and monsters… What? Yes, apparently Nicki Minaj is the devil and made Carey’s experience on American Idol a living hell. Is Carey being a winey baby about all of this? Ugh… rich people problems. View interview below:

What if our unemployment rate was at 1% and crime was at an all-time low? Sounds too good to be true right? Well this new film, The Purge, is exploring that idea…but there’s ONE CATCH. Watch the trailer and find out what it is. Hope it doesn’t freak you out! LOL Follow @979theBox & @WhosYourDiamond on […]

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Every year I have a weekend trip to Miami to relax and unwind.  I turn my phone off. I don’t  tweet or “instagram” during that time.  I just do the things that I want to do and absorb “peace of mind”.  Well, unfortunately this year my schedule was thrown off so I couldn’t go to […]

Asher Roth Disses Obama For Nobel Prize By Casey Gane-McCalla   Via: This guy is the same idiot who twittered about hangin with Nappy Headed Hoes. No he’s dissing Obama saying all he’s done is talk shit. Please boycott this idiot. Does this jerk off realize that Obama has dedicated his whole life to […]