Your favorite orange tabby cat has passed on. Bento, better known as “Keyboard Cat” has delight social media/internet fans with his spunky, fun piano offerings. The cat, had been giving internet “life” for almost a decade, even starred in a pistachios commercial. One of the most famous internet kitties time ended earlier this month, according […]

Throughout my career I’ve worked for 3 radio stations in different cities that carried the Doug Banks syndicated show. Needless to say, we’ve known each other quite a long time. You may recognize his voice from Dallas or other cities that you have visited. He was an AMAZING talent! A radio legend! He had such […]

We would like to send our heart felt condolences to Kelly Rowland and her family as they grieve the loss of her mother Doris Rowland Garrison, age 66, who passed away yesterday morning just days before her birthday. Kelly released a statement calling her mother an incredible soul who made countless sacrifices so she could […]