Monica Lewinsky is making her round and finally breaking her silence on what got former President Bill Clinton impeached back in 1998. She spoke with…

It’s Thursday.. You workin’ hard or hardly workin’? Well, if you’re at work be careful not to laugh too loud. Peep this hilarious video below!

Partition is my jam no doubt but to be honest I don’t know a lick of French so that tells you I don’t start singing until Bey comes in on her part. But I found some help for that, I’ve got the translation! CLICK HERE for the lyrics!

Ahhhhh. (Sigh of relief). If you haven’t had your daily dose of Beyoncé, here’s some new exclusive behind the scenes footage of her shooting her visual album. Shawty, roll up the partion puhleeeease. Lol WATCH:   READ MORE ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: EXCLUSIVE: Lil Boosie Writes Over 1k Songs, Responds To Daughters IG Video and Discovers Facetime [WATCH] […]

Videos – VEVO premieres Beyonce’s full-length music video for her song “Partition” from her self-titled album. RELATED: Beyonce & Jay-Z 2014 Grammy Performance [VIDEO] RELATED: 5 Looks You Can Have Now Inspired By Beyonce’s New Videos RELATED: Who Is Yoncé? Beyonce Explains The Birth Of Her New Alter Ego [VIDEO] RELATED: Let The Beyhive Rejoice: […]

With Beyonce‘s album still topping charts after it’s surprise release a few weeks ago, artists are starting to hop on their favorite track off of…

Fans have been gloating in all things Beyoncé’s for the past…(looks at watch)…3 weeks! Follow Us @979TheBox Related: WATCH: Beyonce’s Reaction To Jay-Z Recording His Drunk In Love Verse! That’s right, Billboard is predicting that her self-titled album will rank in at #1 for the third time in a row! ALL HAIL THE QUEEN! LOL […]