Justin Bieber hit a paparazzo with his truck while leaving church in Beverly Hills on Wednesday night. According to CNN, the Beverly Hills Police Department investigated Bieber at the scene and no citations were issued.   The man was taken to a nearby hospital with minor injuries. The accident occurred near Saban Theatre. Justin Bieber recently cancelled […]

Kanye West might not be only celeb to lash out at the paparazzi. According to TMZ, James Harden allegedly broke his finger while getting into…

Kanye West needed to get to his work out session quick but his Uber was nowhere in site.  So what did he do?  Catch a ride with the Paparazzi or “Pops” as he put it.  Check out the video below!

Do we smell a pool-sized competition between Kanye West and Drake?

The same Kanye West that held a paparazzi in a head lock and broke his camera intervened in a brawl between two photographers.

A 2009 incident with an Italian photographer has come back to haunt supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Naomi Campbell has been sentenced to six months in prison by a Sicilian court for scratching a paparazzo’s eye back in 2009. According to reports,…

Don’t Mess With Mama Tina! Ms. Knowles don’t play that; I agree with her though: paparazzi need to have a little bit more class when it comes to taking photos and video of children. I don’t care how famous someone is, their kids should have the privilege to live as normal of a life as […]