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The Harlem rapper announced he's working on a follow-up project to Always Strive And Prosper on his Snapchat.

The T R A P S O U L crooner announced the arrival of his forthcoming new project, She's Got My Soul.

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Hey guys, so I am glad to see Keyshia is coming out with a new project. She’s been on tour but it feels like its been a while since we’ve heard new music from her. Don’t be mad but, I can’t help but to think its very coincidental that she allegedly attacked of an unidentified […]

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It’s cray cray do these rappers ever get any rest or sleep; like at all? Yo Gotti confidently announces the release of his new album ‘The Art of Hustle’ to MTV News backstage at a concert in Atlanta. “I’m the ultimate hustler, so I’m finna give them the guideline,” Gotti continued. “I’ma give the streets […]

  Is the Godson-Nas and Scarface joining forces for a new music project? Answer, yes, well partially! has an interview of Houston rapper Scarface who had this to say about the project with Nas: “I talk to Nas maybe once or twice a month, maybe more than that and we talk about doing an album together […]

These seasoned entertainment moguls are taking it to the next level by teaming up in the production of a brand new comedy series. Is there anything these guys can’t do? Via Jay Z and Will Smith are teaming up with U.K. DJ and producer Calvin Harris to produce a new comedy series for HBO.  The show, which […]

        After the great success of Black Radio, Robert is back with a new project and is announcing the release of it’s sequel.…

  Wow! Last we can recall, Toni was on “Braxton Family Values” telling Babyface that she really wanted to retire from the music industry because…