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It’s cray cray do these rappers ever get any rest or sleep; like at all? Yo Gotti confidently announces the release of his new album ‘The Art of Hustle’ to MTV News backstage at a concert in Atlanta.

“I’m the ultimate hustler, so I’m finna give them the guideline,” Gotti continued. “I’ma give the streets the how layout, the rules of how I done it. It’s the Art of Hustle like the Art of War. If everybody could do it, everybody would have money, won’t be nobody in jail. It’s like a book.”

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Yo Gotti  hustles like nobody’s business. In November, the Memphis, Tennessee rap veteran dropped I Am,an unapologetic street album with no compromise. Less than a year later, Gotti is ready to do it again. 

On Saturday, the Cocaine Muzik Group CEO took the stage at Hot 107.9′s Birthday Bash concert in Atlanta and announced that he will be releasing a new LP. After the show, he came backstage with his adrenaline still pumping and spoke to MTV News about it.

Gotti says not even the folks at Epic Records, where he is signed, knew about the announcement. “I’m the boss, CMG boss status. We don’t need no go ‘heads,” he bragged.

Swag is up! Go’head wit ya bad self Yo Gotti..

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