It’s generally an honor to get the opportunity to sing the National Anthem for an event.  There are  several celebrities and pop stars that have been granted the distinctive honor and some were great (i.e. Whitney Houston, Marvin Gaye) and some not so great (i.e. Roseanne Barr or Michael Bolton writing the words in his […]

Today the San Francisco 49ers safety Eric Reid joined the women on The View via satellite to discuss “taking a knee” before the football game. If you recall, Reid was the second NFL football player to join in the protest with than teammate Colin Kaepernick in kneeling during the national anthem. Reid explains that the […]

Last season, the 49ers strong safety Eric Reid was the only other player to start sitting down for the anthem along side then teammate Colin Kaepernick. Now, Reis is speaking out in the NY Times about why he joined Colin Kaepernick in the taking a stand during the anthem last season. In his open letter […]


Many believe that Colin Kaepernick's activism—his refusal to stand for the National Anthem in protest of police brutality and for the sanctity of Black lives—made the NFL turn a cold shoulder to him.

Last time, she was asked to leave for wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt.

Aretha Franklin performed a 5 minute retention of the National Anthem during the Lions Vs Vikings Thanksgiving game. This has to be the longest national anthem performance ever LOL. Check it out below!  

Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall announces that he has ended his National Anthem protest. He cites positive change toward ending police violence.

Social media was not happy with the organization after Sevyn posted about their decision in a short Twitter video.

Sevyn Streeter‘s National Anthem protest was blocked at a Philadelphia 76ers' game on Wednesday night.

Sevyn Streeter's peaceful protest was blocked by the Philadelphia 76ers Wednesday night.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg called the National Anthem protests "dumb" and disrespectful in an interview with Katie Couric.