If you have family in South Carolina, you might want to check on them. After last night’s record $1.6 billion jackpot for the Mega Millions, there’s only one ticket that has all six numbers and it was sold in South Carolina. The winner numbers: 5, 28, 62, 65, 70 and Mega Ball 5. There are […]

You may not want to call your job on Monday and tell them you quit just yet. No one had a winning ticket for Friday’s $1 billion drawing of Mega Millions. The next draw is Tuesday and the jackpot is now $1.6 billion. RELATED: A G & A Pimp Wonder What They’d Do If They […]

In light of the Mega Millions jackpot hitting over $1 billion, our resident G and our resident Pimp ask one another the most important question of all – what would you do with one billion dollars? Would you go to work? Would you buy a sports team? Or … would you hurry your ass over […]

As the Powerball approaches a $1.4 billion jackpot, one man is happy he mistakenly purchased a Mega Millions ticket instead.

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Your grandpa or mama ever send you to the store for their lotto ticket? They give you their numbers that have some special meaning thats either their kids birthday or some superstitious explanation. We don’t try to persuade anyone to gamble or be irresponsible with their money but, it may be worth it to buy […]

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Finally someone has come forward to claim the last winnings from the Mega Millions lottery! Three school teachers from Maryland went in on the lotto tickets and will now be getting $35 million dollars each after taxes. They want to remain anonymous and do not wish to come forward publicly, and by state law they […]