These kind of stories you can't make up!

Your next manicure can be a hair raising situation.

Between work, your personal hobbies, relationships, and goals, at some point you will find yourself needing to paint your own nails until you can get to your manicurist.

Yours truly overheard two friends talking about manicures – one of them was complaining that she just had a manicure the day before and now…


As you all know from my last DIY Hair post, I’m a big fan of do-it-yourself beauty. I fell in love with applying nail decals two years ago when I picked up a pack of Kiss nail stickers at a local beauty store. The nail designs add pizzazz to your manicure even if you’re only […]


Diamond manicure anyone? You all know the phrase “Diamonds Are A Girl Best Friend,” well a company named Cherish…ME is offering the world’s most expensive “Diamond Manicure.” The manicure includes an arrangement of exclusive cut diamonds of 10 carats, and it’s worth $51,000. Before you even think about getting an Iced manicure Cherish…ME requires a […]