If you’ve ever been in a relationship with a grown lady, you know the hardest part of a relationship is lunch time. Seriously, what are we going to eat? Subway? PF Changs? Wendy’s? Cool Runnings? Asian food? Hispanic food? It’s really like pulling teeth. Ladies, please make it easy for us. Help us help you! […]

It’s Thursday.. You workin’ hard or hardly workin’? Well, if you’re at work be careful not to laugh too loud. Peep this hilarious video below!

You know kids are really smart and observant but they’re even in touch with their emotional side. You know that feeling when your song comes on how you feel but what happens when it evokes tears.. Ha! Check out this baby who really gets into it.

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Okay…so for those who don’t remember the verse that sent shock waves around the world let us give you a quick refresher. Kendrick Lamar was…

  Late night talk shows are usually good t.v. Not because it’s anything crazy, or unusual. I just love how they try to “one up” each other. Last night, Jimmy Fallon & The Roots did a great job. Check out Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” classroom instruments version! Enjoy!!!     Did you see the Jimmy […]

When some of think of stars or celebrities we think of them as faultless, perfect beings who don’t fart, burp, trip or get teased like the rest of us but one Youtuber shows they’re all just human. Enjoy! But for real Celine did her thing as MJ!


Just click, watch, and laugh! Good day!