Some of these couples aren’t together anymore, but that doesn’t mean that didn’t once have a loving relationship.  And then there are the stars that have stood the…

Just before the stroke of midnight on Thursday night, Kanye West tweeted a picture of what is surely art (if not the cover) to be…

The legal battle over a sample used in Jay-Z’s hit single “Big Pimpin’” continues in court, as a lawsuit has been filed against the rapper and producer Timbaland. Ahab Joseph Nafal filed a $5,000,000 lawsuit for not receiving the proper royalties for his song being sampled. The lawsuit revolves around the use of the song “Khosara, […]

Find out Jay Z and Kanye West concert announcement, which R&B Star is writing a relationship tell all book and what rapper is dealing with paternity test issues in Nnete’s That’s What’s Up.

“Watch The Throne” Album Coming in July According to, Jay-Z and Kanye West’scollaborative album could be just a couple months away from a release. XXL reports that sources informed the publication that Jay and ‘Ye’s Watch The Throne album will be released in July. The source claims that the two rap stars are both in New York for […]

HIPHOPWIRED Jay-Z Finally Top$ Beyoncé ‎Although this probably wasn’t one of his 99 problems, Jay-Zdoesn’t have to worry about being the top breadwinner in his household this year. According to Forbes Magazine, the hip-hop mogul brought in 37 million dollars while his wife Beyonce managed to reel in 35 mil for the couple last year. The new […]

A signee to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation record label has been arrested and charged with attempted murder. Rapper K. Koke of Great Britain signed to the label in January and was said to be working on a new album titled Pure Koke Volume 2. His plans for an album have been put on hold however now […] just got wind of a BLOCKBUSTER REPORT . . . there’s some SERIOUS DRAMA between Rihnana andJay Z – regarding his management of her. spoke with a VERY WELL PLACED insider in Rihanna’s camp who told us ALL the juicy details. According to our snitch, Rihanna is concerned about a number of things. […]

Volcom Clothing Company Sues Roc Nation Over Diamond Logo The company known as Volcom has filed a lawsuit against Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label due to infringement based upon usage of their logo. The diamond stone used in Roc Nation ads is similar to Volcom’s logo which has been trademarked since 1991. as a lifestyle brand […]

Apparently, NBA officials didn’t get a warm and fuzzy feeling when Jay-Z stepped into Kentucky’s locker room to congratulate the team on their NCAA Elite 8 win. As a matter of fact, they smelled something fishy. The NBA plans to investigate New Jersey Nets part-owner Jay-Z for the rapper’s visit to Kentucky’s locker room after […]


Forbes Magazine has compiled a list of the top five earners who happen to be hip-hop entrepreneurs that double as performers. The list was made in the same fashion that their top billionaire list was done. It valued current holdings, past earnings, financial documents and they consulted with analysts, attorneys, managers and other industry insiders […]