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The classic hood comedy hasn't seen Smokey since the original, and Cube was down to drop a major bag to change that.

Sir Jinx believes that the rapper born O'Shea Jackson owes him over miscalculated royalties for nearly 30 tracks over the years.

According to Cube, production studio Warner Bros. is pumping the breaks on the success of his Friday franchise by refusing to produce any further content bearing the cult classic's name. On Friday (Feb 26), the "Good Day" rapper took to Instagram to air out the production house for "hi-jacking the happiness of the culture," after noting that the company has refused to make more sequels for the film.

In 2020, Ice Cube made several headlines as he demanded that the Contract With Black America be honored and recognized by both political parties. After the Trump campaign tweeted out that they had been in conversations with Ice Cube, many people had varying opinions. Here in Georgia, we had the general election in November and […]

On Monday (Nov 30), the west coast legend took to Twitter to share with fans what he's been working on during his sabbatical, noting that his reason for stepping back was to drown out the "noise" and "poison" with critics who felt that his approach was incorrect.

After Ice Cube jumped on Twitter Thursday (November 5) to proclaim he had gotten Donald Trump to agree to give $500 billion in capital to the Black community, Roland Martin had to check him one time.

Ice Cube heart is in the right place, but his execution is the pure definition of struggle.

While the veteran rapper and actor didn't flat out endorse either candidate, he explained more behind his reasoning for conducting the chat.

Ice Cube is a titan and recently, he celebrated the 26th anniversary of his classic track “It Was A Good Day.” Now, sleuths for years have attempted to figure out when exactly did Cube’s “Good Day” take place with the best answer being January 20, 1992. But one thing that has also perplexed fans is, how exactly […]

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