Multiple mothers were involved in a classic Rumble in the Jungle at the Houston Zoo over a parking spot yesterday (4/07/16) which was caught on tape. Several kids witnessed the brawl with the women and of course police had to be called to the scene. The released a statement in response to the video: “While the […]

Finally Spring has arrived!  One of my favorite springtime activities is a fun day at the zoo with my daughter Alani!  But let’s keep it real for a second.  Fun sometimes equals broke!  How can you save money and get into the zoo for FREE?  CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT!

I’ve been having a blast with my little cousins from Arizona. They’re staying with me for a week and have had the time of their lives so far. These aren’t normal kids because they don’t get bored! LOL They have as much fun with me at home as we do when we go out in […]

(HOUSTON) – The Houston Zoo is celebrating the birth of a cute and towering bundle of joy. A healthy female Masai giraffe was delivered shortly…

Even though it’s hot, a very special cool night — the final one of summer – is coming up for folks taking in the Houston…


It’s hard to believe, but the King of the Jungle is in danger of losing his throne and his royal title. The population of African…


via: Every animal at the Houston Zoo serves as an ambassador for their counterparts in the wild. But thanks to a new partnership between the University of Houston Alumni Associate and the zoo, one of the newest feline additions has a new name and a new role to play. Shasta The Sixth, an orphaned […]

H-Town is reporting that authorities are searching for a Houston man who has been accused of forging three checks (totalling $51,500) to the Houston Zoo. Court documents reveal that Robert Wickboldt’s forged checks included one sizable donation and two checks for auction items at a zoo gala. Read More


Want to attend Zoo Boo without the large weekend crowds? The Houston Zoo will have it’s Zoo Boo on Fridays, Oct 14, 21, and 28! Plus, they’ll continue the Zoo Boo celebration to Monday, Halloween Day, October 31. Visit the Houston Zoo between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. for your favorite Zoo Boo activities, including the […]


From the Houston Zoo: We can promise you a “naturally wild” experience each time you visit the Houston Zoo. For Spring Break we’ve got some tips that can make your trip to the Zoo a bit more tame. The Houston Zoo is a popular destination throughout the month of March, and especially so during Spring […]