healthy living

A healthy life is a happy life! You can start living healthier by simply substituting a few things in your daily routine. Remember that small…


Our very own @JJonTheMic and Majic 102.1’s @iKGSmooth hosted last weekend’s “Get Fit Or Get Fat” event.  JJ’s I’m Me Foundation ended up receiving a donation of $1,000!!! Check out the pictures below :-)

Our very own @JJonTheMic and Majic 102.1′s @iKGSmooth hosted last weekend’s “Get Fit Or Get Fat” event.  JJ’s I’m Me Foundation ended up receiving a…

Are you cranky and miserable when you don’t get your daily can of soda, or do you suffer from headaches if it’s been too long…

Where’s the beef?  Consumers beware! You ever go grocery shopping and smell the delicious aromas, and after searching the store you find the samples and want to indulge? You ever walk around the department stores and have a nack for something quick to eat, so you buy a quick bite at the cafe or eatery […]

Everyone has their theory on how to lose weight and be healthy.  We all have tried some sort of diet or made an attempt to test out a new way to living… right?  The debate of meat vs no meat will continue to grace the eyes and ears of many who are interested on what’s […]

Let’s just face it: life can be pretty overwhelming at times. If you are holding down every aspect of your life: family, social life, career, love/sex, spiritual life etc. – then you know what it’s like for relationships and situations to constantly evolve, grow, move and change. Yet, life can quickly carry us away, leaving […]

Having had clear skin my entire life I was mortified to find that my usual pre-menstrual cycle breakouts were now occurring on a regular basis. I tried switching to black soap, using more acne fighting products, exfoliating more, applying less lotion, anything that would ensure my face would not breakout. One day when my skin […]

If you love hip hop and know your history, when you hear The Rock Steady Crew, b-boy Richard Colon a/k/a “Crazy Legs” comes to mind.  People all over the world have been privy to see his world renowned impressive skills on the dance floor for over thirty years .  Now Colon is giving viewers a […]

Being healthy and incorporating a daily routine of exercise and eating healthy is important.  Stroke is the third-leading killer in the U.S. after cancer and heart disease.

Hip Hop star Lil Cease took control and transformed his life and body and want you to do the same.  In his new video, “Hardbody Fitness”, the Brooklyn native shows you how to turn your flab into hard muscle you’d be proud of.

At some point in your life you’ve probably heard the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Although a cute and catchy phrase, I can not vouch for this infamous health claim. But what I will do is give you 8 ways to maintain a clean bill of health – which essentially has […]